February 2022
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The Island County Planning Study paved the way to position our community for grant dollars. By using a proven methodology we defined unserved and underserved areas.

Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Form 477 broadband availability data shows that nearly 100% of Island County households have access to broadband at speeds that meet the national standard of 25 megabits per second (Mbps) download and 3Mpbs upload (25/3 service). Microsoft data, however, shows that 35,000 people in Island County do not use the internet at broadband speeds.

Island County Mapping Methodology

Using local data with on-the-ground verification we identify:

  • Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) Boundaries where ILEC’s and CLEC’s are actively installing fiber infrastructure
  • Use FCC Form 477 data to understand provider footprints
  • Incorporated Areas where 25/3 broadband speeds exist (This does not meet WA State broadband goals)
  • Federal Funding (CAF II & RDOF Funded Areas)
  • Leverage publicly available Microsoft Broadband Usage statistics
  • Validate with measured WA State Broadband Speed Test Results and Ookla® Speedtest® results

Methodology identifies unserved markets where state and federal funds will solve the Island County rural broadband issue.

Estimated 1 FTE Needed
Estimated grant dollars needed

Port of Coupeville
FTTx PWB Project

The goal of this project is to begin a public private partnership to bring urban area broadband speeds and services to all residents and businesses within the project area. Currently, the project area is primarily served by Ziply Fiber Northwest, the incumbent licensed exchange carrier, Comcast, WAVE, and one wireless internet service provider. All companies are providing varying level of services and third party data indicates the project area is unserved. This project identifies the need to construct a Fiber-to-the-premise (FTTX) project in the identified service area.

Source data.wa

Specialized grant opportunities. Anchor Institutions



Economic Development

2021 Targeted Grants

.09 County
Awarded $100K to Port of Coupeville
Community Economic Revitalization Board
Feasibility Study
Public Works Board
Port of Coupeville secured $4.7M; Central Whidbey
State Broadband Office - WITA
Whidbey Telecom received $9.5M; Central Whidbey/Greenbank/South Whidbey

Sample Project Timeline

island county broadband strategic plan | North Whidbey

Island county partners i broadband action team

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